The Top 7 CNC Machining Techniques

There are many new and innovative manufacturing processes coming into use these days, including different kinds of 3D printing. But CNC (computer numeric controlled) machining is still by far the most common way to mass produce parts in metal and in many types of... read more

The top 5 passivation techniques

Let’s look at the most common passivation techniques so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your next project. Anodizing Anodizing is usually done to aluminum titanium and magnesium. This is not plating, because you’re not adding... read more

All about the OLO 3D printer

It seems nearly every day there’s a new 3D printer of some sort on the market, promising innovations in material, speed or size. The new OLO seems to do it all – small, light, easy to use and incredibly cheap. Is this the printer that finally brings... read more

Makers, Hackers and Geeks

A new kind of industrial revolution is taking hold in cities and towns all over the world. It’s a grassroots movement, empowered by individuals freely sharing knowledge and using the tools of digital manufacturing. Locally based but connected by the World Wide... read more

Polishing Up On Surface Texture

To get the right look and feel on your new product, you need to be able to not only define what kind of surface texture you want but also what technique you want us to use to create it. This will save time, money and frustration on your next project. Different... read more