Vitrimers may replace plastics as we know them

A truly revolutionary new class of material successfully combines the best attributes of thermoforming and thermosetting plastic. This could change the way we make rubber ducks, jumbo planes and everything in between. It might also greatly effect and improve our... read more

3D Printing for Electronics

We talk a lot about rapid prototyping and that often means 3D printed or machined parts. But many prototypes are of the electrical sort as well, and in order to make a working electronic prototype – one that combines rapid production of a case with the internal... read more

Inventions of the Year 2015

Here we celebrate some of the great innovations of 2015 in design and consumer products. Some make use of the most advanced technologies like 3D printing, while others are just great ideas done well. All of them share certain common traits: answering a felt need,... read more

Christmas gifts for young engineers

Every budding young engineer and product designer develops a lifelong fascination with the mechanical and scientific foundations of putting stuff together and understanding how it all works. From simple shapes to complex gears, their journey begins with unstructured... read more

Painting Parts

The process of painting beautiful parts There are some unique challenges that present themselves when trying to achieve the perfect paint finish for prototypes or low-volume production. High volume batch production can be automated to produce large runs of identical... read more


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