How 3D Printing is Being Used in Medicine, Part 1

  Innovative uses of additive manufacturing are dramatically altering the way doctors interact with the human body. This is part one of a two-part article, showcasing these new developments. Today we look at the human frame. Sophisticated techniques for scanning... read more

Weights, Measures and the Story of the Kilogram

Star Prototype talks about the foundations of metrology and the special case of measuring how heavy something is. This lovely platinum/iridium cylinder is a kilogram. In fact, it’s the kilogram, as kept under very controlled conditions at the International... read more

A Word About Responsible Sourcing

There are a number of concerns that modern manufacturers have, above and beyond the making of products. Among these is the need to demonstrate due diligence in the sourcing of raw materials, especially if those materials potentially originate from war torn regions of... read more

Advanced Methods for Making Better Mold Tools

Recent innovations in tooling construction with conformal heating and cooling channels open up exciting new possibilities for part designs with improved throughput and lower costs. Product developers and engineers now have access to new techniques made possible by... read more

Why must we make things so complicated?

A brief look at watches, clocks and other timepieces, and our timeless fascination with spinning gears What is a complication? This is the face of the world’s most complicated watch, by Vacheron Constantin. Dubbed rather unimaginatively as Ref. 57260, this watch... read more

3D printing makes the lightest stuff on Earth

Boeing Corporation released a video recently announcing the development of a new metallic material, considered to be the lightest ever created. And depending on who you ask, it probably is. But over the last several years there’s been a lot of talk about which... read more


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