Important Announcement About Star

We are proud to announce that we will be changing our name from Star Prototype to Star Rapid over the next few months. This change was prompted due to our ongoing transition from a company focused on rapid prototyping into a provider of all low-volume manufacturing... read more

How The Latest Innovations from NASA Will Affect Humanity

“For the benefit of all mankind.” The NASA motto is as ambitious as its quest to explore our vast universe. Since its establishment in 1958, NASA has created thousands of innovations which positively impact the lives of everyone, like solar cells, cordless... read more

Star Prototype and Cybathlon In The News On CNET

Early this year Star began to work with the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), a non-profit research organization that leverages the power of various technologies to improve human and machine interaction and performance. We built many of the metal... read more

New Sodick EDM Machine

One of the newest additions to our family of fine equipment, the Sodick AD30Ls will help us to increase our capacity in sinker Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). This unit is a high-precision, linear drive model guaranteed to hold tolerance on all three axes for 10... read more

How Wires, Cables And Connectors Work

Some of the custom rapid prototypes and low-volume manufactured parts we make aren’t finished products when they leave our facilities. Many still need to be combined with wires, cables, pcb controllers and other assorted electrical hardware to make a complete product... read more

Are You Getting The Plastic You Asked For?

With so many different types of plastic on the market, being able to correctly identify each one is critical for getting the right results when manufacturing a new product. But what’s the best way to identify plastic material accurately and repeatably, when so many... read more