Star Prototype in Zhongshan China is seeking a highly experienced Expat to work in China as Inspection Manager and Metrologist.  STAR has ten full-time inspectors and has spent around USD 300,000 on inspection equipment including a 1.5m Nikon CMM in its 150m2 inspection room.

We need an Inspection Manager that can teach our ten inspectors world-class techniques for the measurement of precision components and help develop a full shop-floor and inspection-room Quality Control system within our existing ISO9000 system.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand ones career with international experience in China.  Zhongshan, which is very close to Hong Kong, is considered one of the best cities in China to live; it is green and environmentally friendly with great social facilities.  Quite a different kind of city for China.

You should have fifteen years minimum experience in Engineering and a minimum of 5 years experience in Inspection and/or Metrology.  Salary is USD 70,000 per annum plus other living allowances – given the low cost of living in China that should allow someone to save more than half that for retirement.

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