Star Prototype China Limited is one of the World’s leading rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing companies. STAR was founded in 2005 by British Engineer Gordon Styles and continues to be 100% owned by him. Gordon is a 5-axis CNC machining specialist and former owner of STYLES RPD, which was, until its sale in 2000 to ARRK, the UK’s largest 3D Printing company. By early 2015 Star Prototype employed 200 people and occupied 43,000 ft2 of offices, factory, and dormitories in the beautiful garden city of Zhongshan in Guangdong Province, China. Being only a 90 minutes ride by ferry from Hong Kong it is perfectly situated for foreign customer visits. To aid financial stability, STAR has a rigid zero-debt philosophy and always carries plenty of cash. STAR combines the expertise of foreign engineers with the hard working spirit and ‘can do’ attitude of the Chinese. All-comers are welcome to visit our facilities.

Our Mission & Goal
Our mission is to build a company that all STAR people, both past and present, can be proud of. To employ the best talents, acquire the most advanced technologies, and use the world’s most efficient manufacturing techniques to bring to our customers a unique and refreshing customer experience.
Our goal is to make STAR an egalitarian and meritocratic community where talent and friendship can grow and flourish.

Our Values & Chant
It is very common in China to line up in rows to hear the manager/supervisor read out the goals and objectives for the day. At the end of the meeting it is customary for the employees to chant key slogans. Gordon Styles wrote this chant to help remind all employees of the key principles of manufacturing that he considers core to an efficient and well run factory:

How do we become more efficient and satisfy our customers?
Rúhé tígāo xiàolǜ, ràng kèrén mǎnyì?

Saving money just to save money often creates COST elsewhere.
Yī bù mángmù shěng qián, èr bù làngfèi zīyuán

Employ the best people, the best technology, and the best materials.
Réncái jìshù cáiliào, yīdìng yào yòng zuì hǎo

Plan, Plan, Plan; Team, Team, Team
Shì shì jìhuà wèi xiān, chùchù hézuò wújiàn

Get it right, first time, every time
Zuò hǎo dì yīcì, zuò hǎo měi yī cì

Do what you said you would do, that’s the Star Prototype way.
Shuō dào zuò dào, shì dá zhī dào

(The Chinese is not a direct translation of the English, but carries the same meaning. The idea was to make it rhyme. Translated by Jiama.)


Picture: Star Prototype CNC Department - 2012

Picture: Star Prototype CNC Department – 2012


  • June 2005: Star Prototype China Limited was founded in Hong Kong by Gordon Styles as a start-up with just USD 8,000 available cash
  • 15th July 2005: Gordon Styles moved to live full-time in China
  • September 2005: STAR started to do Google Adwords advertising and received its first orders. Parts were manufactured by suppliers and shipped initially to the UK and USA
  • Early one-man business operated out of a small bedroom in Dongguan
  • June 2006: first employee – James Li
  • April 2007: Star Prototype Representative Office founded in Zhongshan with four employees
  • April 2009: Star Prototype Manufacturing Limited Wholly Owned Foreign Entity (WFOE) founded in Zhongshan Torch Development Zone with its own factory employing at outset 50 people
  • 2014 closed the year with sales of USD 14m, 186 employees, 21 CNC machines and occupying 42,000 ft2.
  • March 2015: receipt of the company’s first Renishaw AM-250 DMLS 3D Printing machine for metals and first 5-axis CNC machining centre. STAR lanuched as one of the World’s first full-service Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing companies
  • Ownership: STAR continues to be owned 100% by Gordon Styles with no debt and plenty of cash in the bank