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  • 3D Drawing (preferably in STEP or IGS format) ?
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  • Material ?
  • Colour ?
  • Surface Finish ?


The 3D drawing is required for two reasons: (1) To review the part geometry, and extract the part volume and surface area for quotation purposes; and (2) To review the design for potential manufacturing problems. Furthermore the 3D file will later be fed into our machines to drive the manufacturing process. You can read up more on computer aided designs here


We can help you to find the most economic process for your parts if we know the required or expected quantity.


Plastic or Metal? Steel or Aluminium? Please try to be as specific as possible. You can always ask for advice if you are not 100% sure what plastic or metal grade you need.


Do you require coloring or painting for your part? Please try to provide us with a Pantone or RAL color standards code.


Do you need your parts to be polished? Painted? Textured? Sandblasted? Anodised? There is a very broad choice of finishing services that we can offer. If you do not need any surface finish we will usually provide you with a "machined finish" - meaning that we do very little secondary processing. It will have the original machine cutter marks – some people love machined finishes.

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