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Pressure Die Casting

Making pressure-die-casted parts in China requires expert opinion and close on-site monitoring. Project planning, tool making, and die casting of parts – our customers are in close contact with our pressure die casting experts who will support you throughout the entire project. Within China, STAR is probably the only one-stop solution that can provide this level of expertise, service, and quality. However, our prices are still below any quotation from the US, Europe, or Canada.

Pressure Die Casting Tool Manufacture

STAR offers tool building for pressure die casting of various materials. Currently we are working on projects for the automotive and medical industries. Our specialists support you during the entire mold build. For most production projects we utilize H13 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. Upon request our customer may also choose various other materials for manufacturing.

Pressure Die Casting of Aluminum

Cast Metals

Depending on production volume and the intended use of the parts, STAR offers pressure die casting in various materials:

Aluminum Die Casting:
Best for strong and complex, yet lightweight geometries. Relevant Material: ADC12,A380,ADC10,A413.

Zinc Die Casting:
Mostly used for very ductile parts that may require plating. Casting is fairly easy. Relevant Material: Zn 3#,Zn 5#.

Magnesium Die Casting:
Used for lightweight parts that require a good strength-to-weight ratio. Relevant Material: AZ91D.

Finishing Options

Depending on material and design, our customer’s parts may require various finishing options. Our finishing options include sandblasting, aquablasting, polishing, plating, painting, powder coating, printing, anodizing and machine finishing. We always advise our customers on the finishing options that can be used on a particular part, which is essential when your parts need to be of high quality. Learn more

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Fast Delivery

Urgency in production and prototyping is our daily business. We deliver your parts fast and in the expected quality to the United States, Europe, Australia, and all other parts of the planet.

Mold Modification

New designs commonly require tool modifications. At STAR we already factor in a number of design revision related tool modifications. Happy to help.

Production Finishes

We aim to give you production quality finishes using sandblasting, polishing, painting, printing, powder coating and more. If you design to industry standards, we can do it.



We use the best equipment and personnel from around the world to insure we meet and exceed the highest international standards of quality.


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