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Rapid Prototyping

Star Prototype specializes in the production of high quality, low cost rapid prototypes. With a range of technologies at our disposal, we can produce prototypes for engineering, sales models and to test form, fit and function. Our rapid prototyping services include strict scheduling for on-time delivery and professional customer support in multiple languages.

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CNC Machining

We use imported 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machine centers to provide CNC machined prototypes in a wide range of plastics, metals, and modelling boards. Many customers use this process to have their prototypes produced out of more durable materials for functional testing. We can help you decide if a CNC Machining is right for your project.

CNC Machined Prototypes

Polyurethane Castings

Polyurethane vacuum casting involves a multi-step process.

  • First a prototype is made via SLA or SLS, then a “master mold” is cast from silicone around this. A master mold is suitable for making a few dozen identical polyurethane prototypes.
  • Star Prototype may also make master patterns for vacuum casting by CNC machining. This process is often preferable if the master pattern is bulky or thick. CNC machining is also the chosen process if the vacuum casting must have an excellent gloss finish or if it’s to be made from a clear plastic. For these castings, we will use CNC machines to make a master pattern out of acrylic and hand polish to a high luster.

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Polyurethane Castings

SLA & SLS Rapid Prototypes

SLA & SLS prototypes are ideal for rapid, one-off prototypes. SLA prototyping is a process whereby a laser transforms a liquid photopolymer into a solid plastic prototype, layer by layer. SLS prototyping is a similar manufacturing process to SLA, but SLS uses a much higher powered laser to bond plastic powder together to form a 3D prototype. Star Prototype specializes in delivering accurate SLA & SLS rapid prototypes.

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SLA & SLS Rapid Prototypes


Case study

Photorealistic Parts

Do you have a demanding project that must be perfect? We discuss your project and your goals and deliver magnificent parts that look like they came from a production facility.


Prototypes demand many hours of handwork. We employ and train only the best model makers to deliver parts with beauty and attention to detail second to none.

Fast Delivery

Urgency in production and prototyping is our daily business. We deliver your parts fast and in the expected quality to the United States, Europe, Australia, and all other parts of the planet.

Production Finishes

We aim to give you production quality finishes using sandblasting, polishing, painting, printing, powder coating and more. If you design to industry standards, we can do it.


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