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Watch some of our videos and see for yourself how we make such beautiful parts. With so many services and machines to choose from we have become a reliable one stop shop for our customers.

Factory Tour

Star factory tour video

Benefits of 3D Metal Printing

3d product video

How It’s Done:

DMLM 3d metal printing video

Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Combined

Vacuum Casting of Polyurethanes

Vacuum Casting / Polyurethane Casting / Rubber Molding

Rapid Prototyping

Vapor Polishing

CNC lathe in operation

CNC Trachoidal Machining Strategy

Inspection of parts 1/3 – General overview

Inspection 2/3 – Verifying raw materials

Inspection 3/3 – Scanning metals & plastics with our mobile XRF gun

Meet the Team

Tim Ruffner – Technical Sales Engineer for the US Market

Marcel Gundlach – Vertrieb und Kundenbetreuung

Pedro Monteiro – Business Develop. Engineer South UK Region

Nishant Shah – India Head


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